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This sight is dedicated to the art of crafts....of which I am addicted ! I have always loved to do crafts, then I saw the commercial for the little bug called Cricut, and I bugged my husband until he finally gave in and let me purchase it. That did not last too long, before I convinced him to allow me to upgrade the the Cricut Expressions, then came the CuttleBug. We took a spare bedroom and turned into my craft room, guess he wonders some days if he is going to see me at all! Chirp! Chirp! Chirp!

All comments are welcome, and all advice is greatly appreciated.

Some of my designs have links to my svg or scut files.
Explaination for those who do not know what kind of files they are.
They are files that work with your Cricut along with a program called Sure Cuts a Lot. It is a computer program that allows you to take fonts or graphics that you have turned into svg files and cut them with your cricut, no cartridges needed.

Window Card made with my cricut and cuttlebug embossing folder

A friend of mine asked me to make him a Anniversary card for his wife, so this is what I made. I also made him a little matching purse that contains lifesavers, which he says his wife is to him (A LIFESAVER).
To download these files click the links below.

Purse and handle.scut

Center of Shaped Card.svg

This is the invitations I made for a Sweet Sixteen Party, I think they came out great and the guests just loved them.
To download the SCUT file for the Belle of the Ball Card click the link below.
I also have a large envelope file that is perfect for this card.

Belle of the Ball Card.scut

large Envelope.scut

Heart Pin Created for Valentine's Day, I made 56 of them to hand out at my place of employment. Although they are a simple paper pin, they brightened up their day!
Now they look foward to Holidays just to see what kind of pin they are going to receive.

Easter Baskets Made with Cricut and the Cuttlebug, directions, cut and svg files can be found here:
The Frugal

Mother's Day Cards (One was for my Mother and the other for a Special Aunt).

Pots of Flowers for Mother's Day. As you can see, the cards do not open up, you simply pull the flowers out of the pots to reveil a hidden message. The pots were embossed using my Cuttlebug.

If you would like the file just follow the link below and enjoy.

Flower Pot Card1.scut

My Sister in Law loves to collect Tea Cups, so I thought I would make her a special Tea Cup Card for Mother's Day. I got the template from House of
took it into inscape and turned it into a svg. Then took it into sure cuts a lot and saved the file as a SCUT. The TEA BAG tag was made from a tag punch I have, printed on the computer, trimmed and bottom corners rounded. Tag and front of card was put through my Cuttlebug. It fits perfectly into a 5 3/4 by 4 1/4 envelope. If anyone would like the SCUT file I would be happy to share. Thanks for looking.
Tea Cup Card.scut

Pins for Mother's Day

Some Baby Shower Favors
Little Chocolate Nuggets, Lifesaver Rolls, Sour Cream Containers
(containing huggs and kisses) and a Baby Carriage to hold the nuggets and lifesaver rolls. The Baby Carriage was scraplifted from
She has easy to follow instructions, thanks for sharing what you love.

Stationary Box and Cards

The box contains, (6) 4 1/4 x 5 x1/2 greeting cards and envelopes, (4) 3x3 cards and envelopes, assorted sizes of gift tags. A little address book, stamps and a pen and pencil set

I created this stationary box thanks to Dannie's Designs.
If you would like to make one just visit her site, she has great instructions as well as a tutorial.

Party Invitation for a Nurse's Graduation - cut out on my Cricut and Embossed with my Cuttlebug and the Swiss Dots embossing folder - can also be used for a thankyou.
Interested in the file? Just follow the link.
nurse card.scut

Ready for a Tea Party, here is a invitation that holds a teabag inside. The invitation measures 3.5 x 3.5, I also have made a envelope the perfect size for it.

Inside the Teabag Party Invitation, as you can see the teabag is securely in place. Just add the teabag of your choice, and mail out a unique invitation.
Scut files available below.

3.5 x 3.5 Teabag invitation.scut

3.5x3.5 Envelope.scut

A fun take on the teabag invitation. We have just undergone a total Kitchen remodel, and are inviting some family members from out of state to come to dinner. Thought it would be fun to send them an invitation, and a ticket to a Dinner and Movie. The front of the invitation is computer printed, so is the ticket, I created it and printed it out on photo paper.

Here is the same invitation, but with the ticket laying out so that you can see it.

A friends car, I turned into a card for her.
Free scut file here.
smart car.scut
smart car black pieces.scut

My first ever freezer paper Tee Shirt, made for a friend who lives, and breathes Elvis.
Free svg file found here:
Elvis for shirt.svg

A card for my niece who is in the National Roller Skating competion in Nebraska.
Thanks to Suzeq4500 for her wonderful skate Scut file.

My First ever tri-fold card

Made for a co-worker - her daughter had twins yesterday.

Congratulating her - knowing Grandma is going to have double the Pleasure.

Here is a pin I made for all the women at work to wear for Hallowween.
Scut file available here:
Ghost and Pumpkin Pin.scut

Christmas Gift Card Holder

Gift Card open showing inside.

Free Scut File available here:
Gift Card.scut

Free Envelope file for the Gift Card
Gift Card Envelope.scut

First glass blocks, have to say they are addicting. Too bad my Lowes have run out of the pre-drilled ones. I will now have to go on a hunt, and find some more, can't just stop at 2.

Files can be downloaded here.
Come Let us adore him.svg

child mailing a letter to Santa.svg


The wonder of christmas.svg


Spring or Valentine goodie bag covers.

I made these on my cricut, then used a score pal to score and fold, scored at 4 and 6 inches to create the bottom, punched holes through bag cover and cellophane bag of kisses, and attached with a pipe cleaner.
Scut File free here:
Cindy'sspring bag coversmallbutterfly2010.scut

I just loved the cards being made with the Sweet Treat Cups, but I waited too long to order mine to do my valentine cards, so I went to the craft store and purchased soap molds, cut them apart and made my own version.

Thanks to Denise at
Paper for sharing the svg file and the wonderful video of the mail box.
Here is mine for my Mailman. It contains Hershey hugs.
A friend of mine moved to Tenn, and has taken up the hobby of photography. She is taking some really great shots. Since I have a coffee cup machine, I have taken one of her photographs and made her a coffee cup.

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  1. I would really like to make the nurse card for my mother in-law for her graduation. Would you mind sharing how you made it?


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